Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BIA/Kelsey Reviews Lolay, Future of Things to Come

Gary recently spoke with Mike Boland from BIA/Kelsey about Lolay's social and location-based efforts. You can read the details here.

We are excited to note several key areas where Lolay will be focusing its efforts:
  • Where U At? iOS: Where U At? for iOS will have some major updates within the next two weeks. Look out for the details!
  • Where U At? Android: We have been working diligently to release Where U At? for Android and are pleased to announce it will be in the Marketplace very soon!
  • Lolay's Incubator: Helping other developers (novice to experienced) create apps that make money and solve a problem out of the starting gate. Our Lab Werx platform will serve as the foundation for quick success.
  • Partnerships: We are looking for like-minded people, companies and mobile efforts that are complimentary to Lolay's mission to change the way people interact. Feel free to Connect with Us.
Looking forward to a great 2011!

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