Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where U At? Holiday Server Release 6

Happy Holidays from team Where U At? We've been slaving away with Santa's helpers to bring this great release. Ok, perhaps Santa's helpers had something different to do this past week and didn't actually help as much as we're saying. With much fanfare here's what we changed:

Where U At? Server Release 6 (12/26/2010)

  1. Set location "grey area" from 50% to 200% to prevent triggering too many "your friend is near" push notifications.
  2. Fixed reset password to work without giving a message that phone or email is required.
  3. Changed an invitation to simply send a Facebook post, email or SMS and to not automatically create a friendship as this was causing confusion.
  4. Actually send an SMS when inviting with a phone number... Imagine that!
  5. Proximity alerts now alert the owner of a meetup when an invitee arrives.
And just in case you haven't installed our app yet you can download it from

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