Who Wrote the Book of Digital Love?

Love, sweet love. Is it real or is it virtual? That is the question today.

Although he lived long before virtual dating could even be conceived, French philosopher Francois de la Rochefoucauld was profound. “True love is something like a ghost. Everybody talks about it, few have actually seen it for themselves.” Yet we try.

Ok, admit it. Love is crazy hard to find in real life and now, even in the virtual world, “picking your own path” to true love is a challenge, especially in the “Mingling at the Gallery” app created by Lolay, Inc. for ZHOOB.    

Lolay is a company of digital craftsmen that has been delivering seamless, flawless and precise software applications to top companies around the world for the past 15 years.

“We have built hundreds of complex software apps, but ‘Mingling’ was both fun and a real challenge,” says Lolay, Inc. founder Bardia Dejban.

The virtual dating app begins when the proverbial single guy ‘walks into the party’ and thus, the fun begins. The team of programmers, designers and digital architects at Lolay went into overdrive to come up with a library of situational consequences, responses and rewards for virtual daters as they ‘Mingle.’

Virtual daters make decisions after meeting the cast of characters at the party, and each decision then leads to different events and unique endings.

Lolay’s attention to detail was a perfect fit for ZHOOB’s proprietary, patent pending, ‘decision tree’ software. These patents cover a unique decision engine approach to app creation that understands customer intention then delivers a unique customer experience based on those choices.  Individual users can play the game five times and their decisions can lead to five unique outcomes.

“Mingling is the next best thing to going out,” claims ZHOOB founder Napoleon Rumteen. “You can pick your own path” and have “realistic interaction” with a “lively cast of characters.” So while philosophers nor daters will ever likely define what love is, the virtual experience created by Lolay can at least help lovers find an easier path.

Rumteen may be right. From Tinder's blind-dates to Ashley Madison's blunt extra-marital affairs, the potential for catastrophe is large among other dating sites. Virtual dating may be the safe route to go, for even in the worst cases, 'Mingling' users could at least end up gaining social and pickup skills. 

The same cannot be said for other sites. For example Ashley Madison's hack earlier this year resulted in the publication of emails and credit card data of over 32 million of its members, inciting the team behind the site to offer $377,000 as bounty for the culprits. 

'Minglers' run no comparable risk when signing up to use the app thanks to Lolay's 'best practices,' which have prevented security breaches in all of their applications.

The effortless functionality of apps created by Lolay maximizes the resources of the internet around mobile apps, enterprise solutions and even virtual worlds.

Every day, precision software applications by Lolay connect millions of people at the speed of thought. From virtual dating to shopping online, Lolay leverages the power of imagination to create apps that bring new opportunities to life.

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