Our Code of Digital Trust

We all love codes, right? Morse Code. Code of Silence. DeVinci Code. What’s interesting about codes is that they mean different things to different people. In the appmaking world, however, there is no code safer than the Code of Digital Trust that comes written into every app produced by a company called Lolay.

Lolay, Inc. creates precision software apps for major corporations like OpenTable, eHarmony, Evite, Alibaba, Monsanto and others. Lolay does more than build custom software applications. We reimagine the art of appmaking every single day,

More than 21 million federal employees and some everyday citizens recently received notice that their personal, and in some cases, sensitive, information had been hacked. By whom? Who knows? And who cares? Everyone.

According to Founder Bardia Dejban, Lolay’s overriding concern for data security is woven into every single byte of code we write. “Our digital craftsmen connect millions of people every day at the speed of thought using complex, cross platform apps,” he said.

It’s almost unbelievable. In nearly 15 years, not a single app built by Lolay has EVER been hacked. Not one. Not a single breach.  

Here’s why. The trusted software architecture at Lolay utilizes only the most secure foundational frameworks. Each app is planned as precisely as Napoleon planned Paris. Each intricate cyber intersection researched as much as his famous Arch de Triomphe and built with the same attention to detail. Seamless. Flawless. Precision.

Lolay also counts on the Google Security Model to strengthen their repertoire of 'best practices.' Website and back-end users can rest assured that their data is secure because of the live professional monitoring that each Lolay application receives through Google’s secure servers to prevent hacks. Other services by Google include a 24/7 live information security team, data encryption, physically secured server locations, and external audits. 

Every byte gets advanced encryption while every pixel is encoded within secure digital networks. Every Lolay app is loaded onto either Google or Amazon’s cloud platform and monitored with real-time professionals to prevent hack attacks. Security is second nature, not second fiddle to Lolay.

Lolay is simply appmazing. When we launch an app, it begins an internet rocketride saddled with the safest code possible, the Lolay Code of Digital Trust.