Save Time With Enterprise Management Solutions

When Thomson Reuters saw the need to provide solutions for the law sector within its Elite brand, it sought Lolay for a solution.

Thomson Reuters’ Elite platform offers end-to-end enterprise business management solutions that allow organizations to run all operational aspects of their firms. Thomson Reuters envisioned an easy to use law practice management solution that would be a quality addition to their Elite family.

The product required a way to streamline tasks and provide timely and accurate business information to users. It also required complete mobility, portal technology, and seamless information delivery that didn’t compromise security or quality.

“Developing a next-generation technology for the law sector to help clients gain a competitive edge was a great challenge for us” says Bardia Dejban, founder of Lolay, “combine that with the fact that the iPad was becoming a commodity for law firms, and Elite had a winning formula to help its customers drive cutting-edge technology adoption quickly”.

Lolay’s finished product was the industry-leading Elite 3E for mobile. 3E offers scalable technology that attorneys, CFOs and CIOs can use to meet the needs of their clients and give a competitive edge.

3E Platform

Through a configurable 3E platform delivered through a consistent Web-based user experience, the client is able to delegate the cumbersome process of tracking and managing activities to software.

Built in capabilities of 3E include workflow & collaboration, reporting & analysis, security, multi-currency and multi-language support. Elite 3E is not only for inter-firm use, for, as part of the Thomson Reuters Elite enterprise business solutions family, 3E can also provide you with all the critical areas of your business such as financial management, client and matter management, risk management and business development.


Key Features


Allows access to all business management activities from a single user interface.

Workflow and Collaboration

Allows you to benefit from built-in collaboration and a rules-based workflow that automates core processes.

Integration Management

Connects to third-party systems and simplifies business processes with minimum disruption.

Reporting & Analytics

Helps turn critical business data into meaningful information that helps improve analysis and decision-making.


Since the launch of 3E,  the time it takes to implement 3E has been shortened by an array of services developed for this process.  3E implementation can now be done in a few weeks, a tremendous feat.

Thomson Reuters also recently introduced 3E Financial Reporting to complement the product. A successful addition that recently celebrated its first year anniversary, 3E Financial Reporting provides a system tailored for accounting professionals. The platform enables staff to easily create, integrate, and maintain the reports they need without the help of IT.

As the need for industry-leading software is increasingly required to survive and prosper in today’s business world, business owners need elite tools to help them foster growth and maximize performance.

Lolay is proud to have created 3E. This easy to use law management solution has become a competitive necessity in its field. Take advantage of 3E to make your life easier and provide your customers with superior service. Click here for an information request on 3E.

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