Why you should also be using Google's Cloud

In the fast paced tech world even a single incident of comprised customer data can cost thousands of dollars in loss and ruin hard-earned credibility.

Working with giants like Alibaba and eHarmony, Lolay is no stranger to the pressures of having to develop both the best and safest products for clients in a timely manner. Although we have never suffered a single breach in security or hack thanks to our use of continuous integration, pen probing and overall tech experience, we credit Google’s Cloud Platform Security for our success.

Google’s security infrastructure as a whole offers a protection level that very few public clouds or private IT teams can rival. With their live 24/7 information security team, extensive investment in state-of-the-art security resources, data encryption, intensive probing, security reviews and physically-secure server centers, Google's subscribers can rest assured knowing that their software will receive the protection that today’s cyber-environment requires.

Counted among the top reasons why companies are moving to the cloud are: 

  1. Getting to run on Google's tested infastructure 
  2.  The  ability to increase focus on their product by worrying less about security
  3. The mix and match services of computing and storage
  4. Powerful global processing and performance that never goes down for maintenance
  5. Prices that beat over main competitors such as Amazon Web Services

Clients are hard to earn but easy to lose and Lolay understands this. That's why Lolay  works with Google and takes advantage of their security framework to confidently deploy precision software into the dangerous global arena.

With over 15 years developing hundreds of apps and not a single hack, Lolay’s streak of security indicates the reliability of Google’s Security Model. Learn more about Lolay's best practices here.