Lolay Puts the Intensity into Citrix App Evensity

Sometimes business events can be boring. But the show must go on right?

Not anymore, for, with a smart phone and Evensity, a new app for Citrix developed by Lolay, attendees to any event may never get bored again.

Evensity's mission is to create exciting, engaging and integrated analytic platforms capable of bridging experience gaps for event attendees.

“Citrix wanted an app to allow anybody attending an event, whether it be in person or online, to have added productivity, quite literally, at their fingertips,” says Lolay founder, Bardia Dejban.  

“Our team had to design a way to bridge perceived gaps in experiences,” he added. Citrix wanted the users of Evensity to have the same access to options, whether they attended an event online or in person, to make their experiences more personable.

Evensity enables users to instantaneously connect with other attendees via email and LinkedIn, relieving them of the burden of having to add reminders for this to their already hefty to-do-lists.

Evensity users can also stay in conversation with their connections throughout an event, as they can upload captured photos, videos, and notes straight to a visual timeline that can be followed by others. 

Throughout events, users can vote, ask questions, and generally experience more excitement.

Users can also take advantage of a recording feature to quickly annotate and highlight important points for their personal reference.

“This is a very smart and productive app for the touch generation,” adds Dejuan.

At the end of the day, Evensity makes it easier to gather connections and capture valuable content, so users can allocate their time and efforts to connecting with others and making their time at business-outings more meaningful.

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