Lolay is Mobilicious

At Lolay, we’ve created award winning software solutions for top global brands. We do this by consistently delivering projects on time and under budget, crafted with our trademark impeccable precision.

“We’re fast, agile and precise” says Lolay founder, Bardia Dejban who’s proud of how effortlessly the team works with enterprise clients. “We’re quiet, efficient and effective,” he adds.

We’re writing this post because we want to thank our past and current clients for giving us the opportunity to work for them. We thrive on the challenge of creating software for the diverse needs of enterprises and we now have over a decade of experience developing this software on cross platform web apps thanks to the companies who have believed in our work.

Although 2015 has not yet reached its end, here are some of the things that we are most proud of to date:

Client Success

Lolay has had the privilege of working with some of the most groundbreaking companies in the world, including Thomson Reuters, ZipRecruiter, Iteris, eHarmony, Alibaba and OpenTable amongst others.

Farmers can now use digital fertilizer through IoT sensory apps built by us and nearly 500 couples per day are tying the knot thanks to the first app we ever developed for eHarmony.

We recently formed a partnership with Mozu to bring forward the best-in-class ecommerce solutions and we plan to continue innovating with this partner in the coming months to enhance the mobile ecommerce experience for users everywhere.

Over 100 Launches

We’ve launched more than 100 products. Our process is the same as it has always been:

  • Designers make it useful and attractive

  • Data architects make it smart

  • Programmers write crystal clean code around it.

Quick. Easy. Done.


Working with top companies, Lolay realizes that it is our responsibility to deliver the best and safest products to our clients. Large amounts of time and resources go into delivering projects and nothing but the most updated and tested security protocols will do for us.

We know that even a single incident of compromised customer data can jeopardize the work of  our clients and that is why we take security to the next level at Lolay. We attribute much of our security success to Google’s security platforms as we take advantage of this framework to deploy our products into the global arena.

In over 15 years and after about 100 product launches we have not yet suffered a single hack or security breach. This fact gives us the confidence to say that trusted software architecture forms part of our brand.

Goal for 2016

Lolay’s goal for 2016 is to be recognized as the best mobile agency in the country. We’ve generated results for dozens of other companies over the past years and we know that anything is possible when you partner with us. Regardless of complexity.

Thanks for allowing this small California company to become a leading choice for Fortune 500 companies and to those that seek to leverage the power of the internet. Thanks again to those companies for partnering with us.

Feel free to email us directly with any questions or referrals. Thank you for allowing us to create with you and be part of your lives. We are excited to wrap this year up and cannot wait for the exciting innovations we will make in 2016.