Lolay Connects the Heartstrings and Algorithms for eHarmony

Hard to believe but yes, it’s true. Cyber love is real. So much so, nearly 500 couples per day are tying the knot. Doesn’t sound like a big number, you say? Well let’s be clear. That’s 500 weddings PER DAY for couples who met exclusively on the world’s top dating site, eHarmony.

One site; millions of dates, nearly 200,000 weddings per year. How can that happen?

Agreed, that’s a lot of cake and much early work by a company called Lolay. To make the heartstrings touch, Lolay and eHarmony had to first make the data streams of individual users somehow match and touch the heartstrings of the virtual lovebirds on the other screen.

Lolay's founder, Bardia Dejban, was part of the initial eHarmony software team before assembling an amazing team of technology professionals to begin Lolay.

Since eHarmony was such an early mover, most people know something about the app. At the very least, most have heard of Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s famous “29 Dimensions of Compatibility” that so prominently launched the premier dating site.

Well it’s not so easy to translate those 29 dimensions of compatibility into algorithms or meaningful software code. Testing formulas that were required to align the emotional, physical and recreational traits of previously incompatible people who meet in cyberspace was in part, the responsibility of Lolay.

“We were very fortunate to have been chosen to significantly contribute to the early development of the code,” says Dejban. Team Lolay built variations of code, tested them online, carefully measuring the results in collaboration with eHarmony developers.

“At that time, a number of platforms, frameworks and cyber architectures were still in development,” he added. Lolay has since grown into a trusted development agency, and Dejban says the eHarmony app experience played a huge role in the company’s evolution.

To say the least, early adopters were quite skeptical of cynical of cyber love and virtual dating. However, as testing improved the algorithms, the app evolved and through cyberspace, couples began to trust the experience and many users have since found their perfect match.

“Today, it all happens with a click, but there are trillions of bytes working behind the screen to make love happen,” said Dejban.  “Reaching out to touch someone is easy to say but not so easy to accomplish. Getting to know someone at a deeper level took a lot of development.”  

The Lolay founder said he is not only proud of the app, but also happy to realize the work of Lolay made a small contribution in improving the lives of thousands of couples, brought together by simply touching the heartstrings in a virtual app.

Today, eHarmony boasts of having reached its highest number of subscribers in company history, about 778,000.  eHarmony makes approximately 15 million matches a day between its users, a far and favorable cry from the 5 million matches that it was making about a year ago. "We're a serious bunch when it comes to matching for long-term relationships. We're really not interested in matching for short-term relationships," said eHarmony founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, as he explained to the WSJ why free dating sites like Tinder are not in the same business and are not considered competitors to his company.  

"After they've played with Tinder, OKCupid, Zoosk, then they come to us" added Dr. Warren. 

eHarmony is just another of example of the trusted Lolay app experience. Learn more about the APPmazing world of Lolay here.