It's a One-Click Job Search from Zip Recruiter by Lolay

Finding a job is hard enough. Stressful, right?

So when ZipRecruiter came to Lolay, Inc. with the challenge of making the process easier, the digital craftsmen of Lolay quickly found the way to put more than 5 million jobs one click away from every American that needed one.

Knowing that their handiwork could make life easier for scores of families whose breadwinner needs a job, Lolay founder, Bardia Dejban, said the team found the task both challenging and fulfilling.

The ZipRecruiter app required a technical infrastructure on which four million jobs, 500 job sites and 12 major employment platforms could seamlessly connect with people looking for work.

ZipRecruiter’s app provides effortless functionality to those seeking employment. The one-touch functionality embedded by Lolay allows users to search for jobs near their home that best match their individual skill sets.

“We built interfaces to return matches that would not only provide potential job matches near home, but search results that would perhaps be best suited for them; that they would like,” said Dejban.

In addition, the app will send registered users notices about new jobs available. Segregated by sector, location, profession and a host of other categories.

“We created a product for the one-touch generation,” said Dejban, who understands the critical nature of employment. With simple clicks, users can search millions of jobs, apply for them, save them, have alerts sent and get a variety of important notifications.

To give perspective, ZipRecruiter the Santa Monica, Calif., startup that launched in 2010, has placed itself as the best candidate-sourcing tool for businesses on the market. ZipRecruiter’s broad-based distribution of job postings – approximately 700,000 each month – is free for job seekers and spreads far across talent communities, job boards, social media, and other nooks of the web.

Although helping thousands secure a job and an income is by no means a small feat, it seems that for ZipRecruiter this is only the beginning as its CEO Ian Siegel, recently launched ZipHire this year.

An on boarding product, ZipHire was created in response to customers  (here, employers) requesting a way to expedite the cumbersome process of on boarding a qualified candidate.

ZipHire digitizes the hiring process by allowing employers to send a generic offer letter online and have the candidate sign with their finger. “ZipRecruiter has always been about how to make the hiring process easier and faster, and launching ZipHire to streamline the on boarding process for employers fits right in with that mission,” said Siegel.

In other interviews, Siegel goes on to explain that although Intuit is the company he considers ZipRecruiter’s main competition, ZipRecruiter is much more than a job board, and that candidate-sourcing will soon be just one of its various functions.

ZipRecruiter seems to be moving towards becoming a full-service HR platform, an ambitious path and an achievement for a company that innovated its field and bootstrapped-it for the first 4.5 years. Listing self-financing his startup as his proudest accomplishment, Siegel explains that taking this risky step instilled discipline and created a culture within his company that has become part of their success.

Lolay is proud to have partnered with ZipRecruiter to give a new meaning to getting a job in today’s digitally connected world. Users can access ZipRecruiter’s app through both iOS and Android. To learn about our other contributions or for any inquiries contact us online today.