How Mobile Technology can Transform Health Care


We avoid stepping into a hospital at all costs, unless we work in one. However, when we do have to go to a hospital as either a patient or visitor, we depend on the hospital’s organization to streamline our experience.


Health care providers should be making use of new mobile technologies to facilitate higher quality of care


Hospitals and healthcare in general are among the areas that can most benefit from either consumer or enterprise mobile applications. Wouldn’t it be good to know if your doctor will be there to treat you on time or if she is to arrive late? Wouldn’t the necessary but time-consuming task of obtaining medical attention be facilitated if we simply could consult our smartphone to pull up relevant information?


Mobile technology can help decrease paper waste and costs


The paper-work portion of healthcare that is both confusing and burdensome can also be streamlined through the use of mobile applications. Patients, hospital staff, and the involved third parties would all benefit from a reduction in the costs and hassle that come with handling paperwork. Users can sign forms, schedule and even make payments with a few taps on a mobile application's screen while receiving a haircut.


Mobile technology can increase security


Security in hospitals and in any area concerning healthcare in general is still a major concern, whether on mobile or on paper. Although there are challenges unique to mobile technology, there are already a number of security innovations being used to reduce digital security breaches. One time passwords, transactional notifications and regular security updates are part of the solution. Biometrics, such as fingerprint scanning, iris scanning and other forms of physical identification are also a great option to supplement hospital and healthcare applications.


Mobile technology gives you more control over your life


Apart from providing convenience and security, having mobile applications innovate hospitals and areas of healthcare that don’t yet have them will also provide more quality to the lives of those who use them. These apps should be considered tools to help us regain the control that we’ve lost in our lives to mounds of hospital paperwork, endless waiting room time, and all the scheduling uncertainties that come with it.

In the future, a visit to the hospital will not take up an entire day if it doesn’t need to and the paperwork and the bureaucracy involved to get the service we all deserve will be simplified and streamlined by precision-driven consumer and enterprise mobile apps.

Here at Lolay, we had the pleasure of developing Kaiser Permanente’s internal marketing/sales application for the KP Federal team, which includes video, PDFs, rich content and up-to-date documents and facilities information and tours to ease the presentation of materials to potential federal employees.

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