Tale of the Connected Hostesses

For restaurants, seating efficiency makes a big difference. For patrons, it means less waiting and minimal frustration. For the owners, it means greater efficiency, enhanced revenue and less wasted food.

So when OpenTable, the world’s go-to site for restaurant reservations, realized that regulating restaurant traffic upon customer arrival was becoming a chaotic problem and that it needed a tool capable of delivering high orchestration between servers and the iPads at restaurants, they turned to Lolay to create OpenTable for Restaurants.  

Founder of Lolay, Bardia Dejban, says that OpenTable for Restaurants is a restaurant-focused app that allows them to manage reservations and tables in sync with their OpenTable Electronic Reservation Book. The app connects over a proprietary network and allows hostesses to instantly connect with servers and provide them real-time functionality to select tables in single or multi-entranced venues.

Restaurateurs can make reservations, see their floor plans and server assignments, seat guests, provide status updates, and send text messages to guests on their wait-list.

Most remarkably, OpenTable for Restaurants gave restaurants their first real opportunity to stop using the legacy Microsoft PC’s to accept reservations and instead replace them with iPads.

As of late, it seems that the influx of restaurant-goers using OpenTable’s services are diners eating solo. According to a study done by OpenTable, the number of reservations made at restaurants for a party of one have increased 62% throughout the nation within the last two years.

Whether it is that more people are taking advantage of the discreteness OpenTable offers those seeking a quiet dining experience or that the number of those who enjoy meals out is increasing, the number of lone-wolf diners comprises the fastest growing table size.

To further propulse this trend and celebrate participating restaurants, OpenTable released the Top 25 Restaurants for Solo Diners in U.S. The list is generated based on restaurants popular-for-one and Dallas, Miami, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Chicago hold the strongest numbers of patrons. 

Treat yourself to eating alone, it's encouraged.

Treat yourself to eating alone, it's encouraged.

As the stigma surrounding eating alone falls, OpenTable and partner restaurants are able to deliver fast and dependable reservations to thousands of people thanks to the coordination provided by OpenTable for Restaurants.

Lolay is proud to have created efficiency from the chaos of restaurant seating with OpenTable. To see how Lolay can help you find and build solutions for your business contact us online today.