Case Study: How Farmers can now use Digital Fertilizer


Drought and warming trends have added to the agricultural industry's challenge to feed the world. Corn, a staple in diets and economies worldwide, was the most threatened by these conditions. With over 3,500 uses ranging from food to alcohol, corn is everywhere. The Climate Corporation sought Lolay for help.


To make a new 'digital fertilizer.' Lolay realized that it would have to connect sensors with scouting and weather data to provide real-time analytics to farmers. This data would then have to be streamed to mobile apps.



Lolay pulled together engineering resources to produce a new family of precision farming software. The final products, Climate Basic™ and Climate Pro™ allow farmers to manage soil, nutrient, geopositioning and other environmental and production data to aid the task of managing corn production. Easy-to-use solutions to a complex problem. 


Farmers can now obtain agricultural data to precisely grow crops as they monitor the entire life cycle of their fields from the palm of their hand.

Climate Basic™ and Climate Pro™ also provide instant alerts, track critical events, and generate historical crop reports. After the successful launch of Climate Basic™ and Climate Pro™, the Climate Corporation was acquired by Monsanto, one of the leaders in the quest for corn preservation, for approximately 1.1 billion dollars.  

At present, Monsanto integrates Climate Basic™ and Climate Pro™ for its 'Precision Ag Market Approach,'  a plan that yields profits that outpace traditional non-precision-farming plans by 2x. Let us help opportunities come to you too, visit us today at