Case Study: Meet Climate Basic and Climate Pro


The Climate Corporation recognized that there was a  need to help farmers improve their crop yield and increase their profits across a rapidly evolving agrimanagement paradigm. The client sought Lolay to help develop an app for precision farming.


To let farmers anticipate environmental conditions and optimize their growing and planting cycles for increased yields and profits.


Lolay developed Climate Basic™ and Climate Pro™, two easy-to-use apps that drastically improved farming services.

Elements include:

  1. custom algorithms that interpret data in real-time, cross-referencing it with geographical maps that isolate individual growing tracks (aka growing districts)
  2. streamed data captures for specific geographical boundaries
  3. immediate access to weather data, current and historical rainfall; past, present and future alerts for weather anomalies like hail
  4. operations-level agronomic data cross-checking
  5. photo and note capture for growth recording and situational concerns (e.g., ‘nitrogen level / growth degree unit’ measurement)
  6. reports for rainfall, and ‘most workable’ locations for farm equipment movement.


Climate Basic™ established itself as a the best app for optimizing a farmer's daily decision making by providing accurate information on field weather, soil, and crop growth.  By providing farmers information at their fingertips, both Climate Basic™  and Climate Pro™ allow users to: 

View recent and historical weather reports to make informed daily decisions. And set up alerts for severe weather changes. 

Features exclusive to the more complex Climate Pro™ include the Field Health Advisor and the Nitrogen Advisor.

Climate Pro™ increases a farmers’ profitability through in-depth and customized field recommendations, all in an attempt to improve the efficiency and profits of its users and address the 'global challenge' of the agricultural world.

The Climate Corporation's newly increased value prodded Monsanto to acquire it for approximately $1.1 billion. Monsanto continues to close in on increasing annual revenue to $20 billion.  To find out more about how we can help make a difference for you, contact us today at