Capture the Golden Years with Moonfrye-Seedling

Moonfrye is a family oriented startup for parents and kids founded by Soleil Moon Frye (best known as star of the Eighties sitcom “Punky Brewster”) and Kara Nortman, former IAC.

Passionate about giving parents unique, simple and time-effective ways to get creative with their families, Moonfrye originally focused on sharing with followers interactive DIY projects that parents could do with their children. When Moonfrye decided that celebrating the creative process and the joyful journey of parenting needed documenting, it came to Lolay to develop an innovative photo app.

A father himself, Lolay founder Bardia Dejban, relates how his team joyfully undertook the challenge of having to differentiate Moonfrye’s final product from the many photo collage apps there.

The final result was the Moonfrye app and as Soleil Moon Frye said herself in a BuzzFeed Life post, the goal was for the app to make children “part of the process and not just the subject” of photos.

The Moonfrye app contains auto-detect technology that makes it easy for parents to extract images of people from snapshots and drop them into the app’s 10 themed collage sets and backgrounds.

A free photo app designed to inspire children’s creativity, Moonfrye features a plethora of colorful backgrounds and stickers for photo decoration.



Kids can use the Moonfrye app to make their images look like paper dolls with a character sticker set that includes mermaids, magicians, and pirates. Apart from the lively community of blog followers, the app encourages engagement by unlocking new sets, premium themes, stickers and promotions the more the app is interacted with.

Since Lolay developed the Moonfrye app, Moonfrye has transformed itself to P.S. XO and merged with the Toy and Crafts Company Seedling. Together, both companies target the family-oriented demographic and have a product lineup that includes party supplies, crafts, toys, DIY projects and more, under the umbrella name of “Seedling.”

With more than $7 million raised in new funding from UpFront Ventures and Greycroft Partners, the new “Seedling” still maintains the original Seedling branding of a one-stop shop for a variety of family-focused products such as classic toys, games, and activity kits that incentivize work on arts and crafts.

The original Seedling was a bootstrapped company from New Zealand that sold to retailers like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Barney’s and others. The combination of Seedling’s retail footprint and P.S. XO’s (Formerly Moonfrye) ecommerce and mobile capabilities are powerful and expected to top $20 million in revenue by the end of 2015.

“We have a very similar set of customers,” explained Seedling CEO Phoebe Hayman as she compared the two merging companies. Hayman communicates that P.S. XO was doing exactly what Seedling wanted to be doing: ecommerce. So the merge was a perfect fit and very much worth becoming Seedling’s first outside investment. Seedling plans to hit revenues of $20 million by the end of this 2015.

Still available for download and upgrades, the Moonfrye app continues inspiring families to be creative and share memories in a way that bridges the gap between screen and family time. To see how Lolay can help your business take advantage of tech and reach the next level of innovative solutions contact us online today or sign up for our email to receive nothing but the most useful updates in tech.