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There is much more to music than rock and roll. Actually, music is cool science to the brain. Especially so for people with special needs who now have the ability to create their own music thanks to the exceptional technology provided by The Beamz.

A Bluetooth technology, The Beamz allows nearly anyone to become musically proficient within minutes. The genius of the device is that it combines a simple user interface along with an amazing content library that brings the music to life.

Lolay programmed The Beamz's  app, which required that movements triggered by the use of hands or fingers correspond with a series of dynamic notes controlled by mobile. While simple on the surface, the technology behind The Beamz app is complex and producing it required multiple cross-company utility patents before the digital orchestra was finally set to perform. 


The Beamz technology is valuable in group therapy sessions, for just listening to music provides great benefits for engagement, brain fitness and memory care. Imagine the motivational benefits that being able to participate in an activity as social as listening to music has for group therapies? Beamz is currently used in care communities, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools and homes.

The Beamz has significant uses for senior care as well. By using this device and providing elders the opportunity to interact with music, therapeutic outcomes are accelerated as the brain processes music using both hemispheres. Decades of medical research prove that participating in mental stimulation decreases the risk of dementia by 60%. The New England Journal of Medicine and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America provide evidence for these statements.

Also intended for recreational use, a custom version  of The Beamz was built for the global megastar Flo Rida. Named Beamz by Flo Rida, this model appeals to music lovers of any age and aspiring DJ’s. The device can be tried with its accompanying app (also developed by Lolay) on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX applications.




By using the laser-beams to orchestrate when instruments and effects are played into pre-programmed rhythm tracks, Beamz allows anyone to remix music from their personal libraries. Beamz users can choose among hundreds of instruments and 34 interactive songs. 

Getting started with Beamz doesn’t require complex software to produce music or be a resource for therapy and education. Beamz holds a global reach, as TechX 2015, an expo that showcased the contribution of Beamz to assistive technology, demonstrated this past October, making Lolay proud to have developed the Beamz app.

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