9 Outstanding Statistics on Mobile Technology and its Global Impact

Now more than ever, mobile and web apps have proven to be business tools and devices that make our lives better. They can bring us dinner when we feel sick as well as fetch us a ride on a rainy day.

However, the ability of apps to aid those in times of crisis is not as widely recognized. In the following article Lolay put together some of the most compelling ways apps have impacted humanity for the better.


Number of Lives Saved by Mobile Apps


Whether they serve as diagnostic kits in developing countries that lack the basic healthcare they need or serve as emergency alerts, mobile tech continues to help those in need of medical attention.



The number of lives saved specifically by HealthTap, an application that encourages physicians to answer health questions in real life. Questions are routed to a physician who is both an expert in that particular field of medicine and who is determined by an algorithm to respond fast.




Is the number of community health workers in 23 developing countries that are able to attend every pregnancy, track disease outbreaks faster, keep stock of essential medicines and communicate about emergencies to their patients through the help of Medic Mobile, a platform through which hundreds of communities across the U.S. 911 dispatchers can send out a smartphone app alert summoning citizens trained in CPR to aid those in need. 


Number of refugees helped by Mobile Apps



The number of people in Germany alone who have offered to take refugees are roommates thanks to the website Refugees Welcome. Dubbed an “Airbnb for refugees,” the organization brings together people who have a spare room with refugees who are in desperate need of decent accommodation and is recruiting more help everyday.



Number of refugees reunited with their family after a crisis thanks to Refunite,  a free family-locating platform that maintains an anonymous database of more than 405,000 users and a project of the Copenhagen-based nonprofit group Refugees United.


Mobile Apps Helping Feed the World


2 million:  

Is the approximate number of people who have shared their meals with Syrian refugee children who are part of the World Food Programme’s (WFP) school meals program through its ShareTheMeal app. The app works by letting users “share” their meal with hungry Syrian refugee children in Jordan wherever they are by donating various amounts of money.



The number of people in need in the US fed by Feeding Forward, an online app that helps connect businesses with excess food to people in need. To date, Feeding Forward has recovered 600K pounds of food AND saved Bay Area Businesses $3.6 million. As of now, the app operates in the US only, but the future will help it expand the reach of its operations.


Number of Jobs Created by the App Economy


Last but not least, here are the best estimates on the number of jobs created by the app economy as of 2016.


3.3 million:

The approximate number of app economy jobs created in both the European Union and the US as of 2016. In this estimate, members of the app economy include both the developers, those who support the core business of the app and those who benefit from the spillovers of the app.


1.4 million:

The Number of U.S. jobs created by the iOS ecosystem alone as of 2015.


These impressive numbers attest to the power of apps. We must be doing a good thing if our tech advances can help relieve homelessness, hunger and unemployment by the thousands.

The above is a conservative listing of the benefits that apps have so far provided to humanity. Are there any numbers that we missed? We will continue to update this list. So Tweet to us at @LolayInc and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get news like this once a month.