Case Study: 11 Main paved a pathway into the US for Alibaba



Alibaba realized that its existing services had little in common with the American shopping experience and approached Lolay for help in bridging this gap. 


  • To build an ecosystem focused on catering Alibaba merchandise to the U.S. consumer.

  • Make an easy-to-use app for both the user and Alibaba.

  • Maintain data security at all stages and guarantee high levels of performance

  • Support a wide array of popular platforms (iOS, android, etc.)


From conception to launch, Lolay utilized Amazon's EC2 scalable web services infrastructure to deliver 11 Main, a new digital commerce platform and online destination for specialty shops and boutiques.

Accessible through an app, 11 Main can connect 300 million products and allows around 4,000 retailers to connect to 100s of millions of American  consumers. 11 Main is currently on 5 platforms and was developed in a timely manner in less than 4 months by a team of just 6 engineers.


Alibaba was able to achieve early success equivalent to a 100% increase in merchants and a 62% increase in orders within the first 10 months after launch as a result. As of April 2015, 11 Main catered to 2,000 merchants and processed 1.3 million orders whereas only 1,000 merchants and half a million orders comprised its customers in 2014.

Alibaba's value currently exceeds $240 billion and Lolay is proud to have contributed to its success in the American market. The Lolay team is always innovating and updating their skills to continue delivering solutions that are exceptional, timely and within budget. Consult with us about your ideas at